Startup Tri-Valley is the information HQ for the Tri-Valley's growing startup community.

Just 35 miles east of San Francisco, the Tri-Valley is home to over 450 tech companies, which have raised over $1 billion since 2015.

IPOs and acquisitions of Tri-Valley companies have generated over $16 billion over the past five years, with a median acquisition price of $75 million. 

Our Startup Tri-Valley Infographic has all the details here.

The Tri-Valley Tech map gives viewers an sense of the robust tech ecosystem developing in the Tri-Valley, from publicly traded enterprises to bootstrapping startups across all sectors.   

The map is built on data from Crunchbase, Angelist, and a number of anecdotal sources, and is by no means exhaustive. 

If there is something we missed - a new company, category, etc. - let us know.